Commonplace Book Post #3


7 Drawbacks to Trophy Hunting as Conservation


These artifacts are artifacts that I want to include in my multimodal video. They are both through creative commons and allow me to use them for my video without copyright issues. The sound cloud interview is a voice over I want to include in my video because it talks about the advantages and disadvantages to hunting. Getting this through creative commons helped me get interviews since I did not have access to people who are involved and in favor of trophy hunting. I wanted to include both sides of the argument in my video to include listening rhetoric, a concept Booth introduced us to. The article helped me gain more of a deeper understanding of the disadvantages in a clear and concise way. This is an element that I want to include in my multimodal video because I want to get the facts from both sides out in a clear way that is easy to understand for everyone. This will allow the audience to make their own decision on if the ethical issues outweigh the advantages that some people advocate for. Both artifacts helped me understand what I wanted to include in my video and why. I focused on mainly voice-overs and interviews because videos were hard to find through creative commons. Finding these artifacts gave me elements on how I wanted to the information in my video to be disseminated to the audience. It was helpful to find voiceover material of others being interviewed so my video was not just I talking the entire time with facts and pictures. These also related to my other artifacts that I found that helped me understand both sides of the story. I decided on a audio essay on sound cloud because I focused on a video last time that was more personal. This sound cloud piece got different disadvantages and advantages from people in a simple format rather than adding a personal message to it. This is an element I want to incorporate because I want my video to be more informational than personal so people can form their own opinion based on the facts presented to them in the video.

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